The Italians
The Italian figures became an interesting diversion, once a large collection of Arab forces had been painted.

In 1911, the Italians invaded Turkish occupied Libya which prompted an Arab resistance that went on until the 1930's. 

This provides an interesting game play which pits Italian technology against spirited and determined defense. The Italians were the first to use aircraft in combat and motor vehicles in the desert. 

These figures are from Frontier and are smaller than the 28 mm figures, being of the true 25 mm scale. To bring them more to height with 28 mm figures, the are mounted on "double penny" bases.

The Ford Model T is from Reviresco, and is in perfect scale at 1/72 with the 25 mm figures. I find the scale of these vehicle fits quite well with 28 mm figures as if the vehicles were any larger they would become imposing.

Reviresco also male a Lancia LZ1 armored car, which is perfect for this campaign.

These Italian troops are from Cannon Fodder Miniatures and can be used for Etheopian conquest onwards. They are a slightly larger scale than the Frontier figures shown above (see comparison chart) and are more suitable for those who prefer the larger 28mm+ size figures.

We looking forward to Greg, from CFM, expanding this line.

The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

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