The Cast

Imperial Germany

The Germans:
German involvement in Morocco nearly brought the world to war in the early part of the century. Although there were no battles involving German troops in North Africa, in the Red Shadow's world, their might have been. Consequently we have to provide the necessary troops.

German colonial troops were used elsewhere in Africa in this period as well as in China during the siege of the legation quarter at Peking.

Consequently, quite a number of troops are available from various manufacturers.

These figures are from the Old Glory Boxer Rebellion Line, German See Battalion. We also use some troops from Foundry's WW I range with pickelhaubes. 

The flags are of course from the Warflag pages on this site.

The artillery piece is the ubiquitous German 7.7cm Field Pieces. This one is from Reviresco. Although it is 1/72 (25 mm) model, it fits well with 1/60 (28 mm) figures.

The artillery figures have been converted from the same See Battalion figures. Examples of how to convert figures is given on the figure conversion link to the right.
These are the aforementioned Foundry WW1 figures. They are very slightly smaller than the Old Glory figures, but fit well together with them.
The cavalry are Dragoons from Foundry's Franco-Prussian War line. By the time of the Red Shadow scenarios, German cavalry were armed with carbine, saber and lance. It was therefore necessary to provide lances. These were mounted into the drilled-out left hand of some of the figures. In other figures, the carbine was cut out of the right had and attached to the back, as if slung. The lance was then mounted on the right hand. This modification added some necessary variety to a figure that otherwise comes in two identical poses, one with a mustache, and one without.

The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

In order to make the page load times reasonable, some images have been reduced for this page, the full size image can be accessed by selecting the image. To return to this page, use the "back" button of your browser.