Few wagons were used in the Sahara, but in our fantasy world of the Red Shadow, whose adventures share more similarity with Hollywood than History, it was necessary to bring entertainment to the Legion, as they consolidated their positions in North Africa.

So then, Madame Thibedeaux brings her Mobile Army Whorehouse to Figuig, escorted by a detachment of La Legion, trying hard to keep their minds on the job in hand

Madame Thibedeaux' Mobile Army Entertainments
Dames de la Plus Haute Qualité
The Wagon is from a Days Gone By set, perhaps matchbox of Lledo, I don't remember, but was sold as a railroad wagon. It is in 1/60th scale so fits well with 28 mm figures. The dancing ladies are from Irregular miniatures, and there are more ladies available, particularly from Dixon's Wild West range. I would show you them, but I need your 20 francs first.
Madam's next major upgrade will be pneumatic tires, 
which she hears are all the rage in Paris 
The boxes on the roof are luggage or chests from various manufacturers. The spare mattress on the roof, not very visible from the photo, is made from sculpy (modeling plastic you bake in the oven to harden). The draft horses are from Foundry.

The side panel is painted up on the computer, much like the flags on Warflag. 
The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

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