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Pack Animals and other Wildlife

French Foreign Legion Machine Gun Pack Mule.
This was a fairly easy conversion model. The mules are from Dixon's ACW range and are listed as Ammunition 
Pack Mules. I took a left over Machine Gun from the Old Glory French Foreign Legion machine gunner set and assembled it in a collapsed - disassembled manner on one of the mules. The gun itself is one one side, the  tripod on the other. The gun assembly is removable so that it can be removed to indicate that the weapon is being unloaded prior to assembly. The legionaries are just marching models - I removed their bayonets to distinguish them from the usual figures.
These pack camels are from Irregular miniatures. There are a couple of different types. Some come with loads that are a little more ancients looking, but such trapping can easily be removed and replaced by bits of luggage. One of the camels is supposed to be a bactrian camel, but with it's load spread all over it's back, its impossible to tell that there are supposed to be two humps
Armies often needed to drag their own food supplies - which was more efficient to move on the hoof. These sheep are from irregular and make excellent victory points for raiding warrior bands. The French took vast herds od sheep with them on their conquests - up to several thousand animals.
These cows serve the same purpose as the sheep. 

Irregular also make African wild life animals including African cattle, camels, lions, crocodiles, elephants and many others.

We use these mules in our baggage trains, water barrel carriers - again, from irregular - loosing these to the raiding war band spells almost certain death. 

There are a number of varieties of pack animals available from 

Irregular and a number of other companies also produce at least one pack hors, mule and/or camel. Mixing a number of these models together should produce a very varied looking pack train. 
Also not to be overlooked for a source of animals, is the toy department store. This rhino was part of an African Animals set of 20 or so animals for $3.00. He's shown here next to a Foundry hunter from the DA range to give an idea of scale
The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

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