Damsels in distress and other civilians

Many of our favorite Red Shadow games have involved civilians. Unpredictable, often helpless and requiring protecting, they add very interesting elements to military situations. The damsel in distress at the top of the page started out life as a vampire figure from a fantasy page, but the removal of her fangs provided a nice scantily clad lady in need of rescuing. 
Expeditionary type adventurers are well represented by the explorer packs from Foundry's Darkest Africa range. The accompanying ladies here are from Dixon's wild west civilians range. 

The dog is from irregular miniatures.

The outer figures here are also from foundry while the inner two are Dixon's. The lady with the rifle is a modified figure made to represent Mrs. Perdecaris from "The Wind and the Lion" movie.
Many of the Dixon wild west figures have a scruffy looking expatriate worker look to them. We use these for water well drillers or gun running mercenaries.
Reviresco make a beggars and thieves pack in 28 mm which are great for Arab or Berber civilians. They are also used for unarmed merchants etc.
The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

In order to make the page load times reasonable, some images have been reduced for this page, the full size image can be accessed by selecting the image. To return to this page, use the "back" button of your browser.