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The French Foreign Legion:
The French Foreign Legion are the mainstay of our French Forces in the Red Shadow games. This entire range is from Old Glory and each pack contains several poses. The officers here, contain three mounted poses, including one officer viewing through binoculars (not shown). 

The wounded pack come in very useful for marking incapacitated troops, the wounded who must be carried to safety. 

These advancing figures and the marching figures show the great variety in figures of similar poses. Look at the slightly different hand and head positions.

This is a great advantage of the Old Glory range. These figures can also be used for Bat D'Afrique units who were uniformed the same.

The machine gun pack comes with too many MG groups for a balanced game. One was given to a converted marching group. See the Coloniale page and also the Figure Conversion page for more details.

Another set of left-over MG shooters were place around this Foundry 75 mm field piece from their WW 1 range. Reviresco also make a very nice model of this gun.

Guns can be broken down for mounting on pack animals. See the pack animal link.

OG's Skirmishing Legion pack are in shirtsleeves, so can portray Legion, or as we do here, some sappers (with dynamite) or here as Gendarmes.
These Zouave Figures are from Foundry's Franco Prussian War range and are painted here as Tirraileurs Algeriens. They are available in Fez or Turban, with or without packs and in various poses. They can also be used as Zouaves who were used all over North Africa.

Last, but not least, The Red Shadow and Arab Goums, used as irregular scouts for the French. These are from the Old Glory Sons of the Desert range and in many different poses. 

There are currently no 28 mm figures for Spahis who were a little more uniform looking. We currently also use these figures for Spahis.


The majority of the images displayed in the "cast" section were taken on a Nikon Coolpix 900 Digital Camera.

Some of the then were scanned on a flatbed scanner by laying the figure directly on the glass.

In order to make the page load times reasonable, some images have been reduced for this page, the full size image can be accessed by selecting the image. To return to this page, use the "back" button of your browser.

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