Schellenberg - page 2

played June 15th 2002

Bavarian Line

The Bavarian line stretches along the walls, down the hill and up to the walls of Donauworth, Allied French regiments hold the center and around old Fort Augustus and the entire line is supported by the Cavalry.

The allies' gun battery can be seen assembling in the upper right of the photograph.

Bavarian Gun

The Bavarians have 16 medium guns between Fort Augustus and the top of Schellenberg. Ahead of them is dead ground, just visible in this photograph. The allies across the depression can be seen beginning their advance.

The Wall Assault

Marlborough orders a massed assault against the Bavarian defenders. Towards the top of the hill, a disused sunken road crossed the assault's path, mistaking this for the defensive ditch, the allies placed their fascines into it. The wave assault massed on, but when it reached the main ditch, all the attackers were disordered as they crossed,

Nettencourt Defense.

Defying their historical performance, the hapless French regiment deployed behind a low rock wall on Berg Hill. It slowed the allied right down for several turns before it was overrun, surrounded and forced to surrender. 

Here, a Swabian battalion can be seen advancing past its left flank.