Schellenberg - page 3

played June 15th 2002

The Governor of Donauworth

Surveying the battle from one of the Bastions, the Governor releases the single French Regiment he has in the town and also the town militia and places them in the line as the approach of Louis of Baden's huge wing gives him cause for grave concern.

His gunners remain in action pouring effective enfilading fire on Louis cavalry which march to their infantry's right flank, providing a screen for them.

The right flank brigade commander, realizing that this is an infantry fight, places the cavalry out to protect the flanks of his infantry that he must get to the defenses intact.

The Prussian Assault.

The Prussian Anhalt Dessau lead the right's column and prepares to wheel into the defensive works. To their left, Dutch and Swabian brigades also prepare to drive into the defenses.

In the upper center can be seen the allied gun battery that has slowly prolonged its guns across the center. Its continuing bombardment whittle down the effectiveness of the defensive line. The Dutch regiment to their left begins to wheel in behind the guns ready to take advantage of the diminishing defensive works.

Wave after Wave

Meanwhile, on the allied left, wave after wave of English, Hanoverian, Dutch and Imperial elite troops and grenadiers are thrown against the walls, They are repeatedly pushed back down the hill, in two instances pursued by Bavarian regiments who jump down of their defensive walls and pursue them down the hill.

The allies never give up, despite losing many of their Generals who valiantly lead from the front. The assaulters re-group in the dead ground at the base of the Schellenberg and again resume their assault. The dragoon regiments dismount and also attack the walls in desperate bloody assault after bloody assault.

Marlborough Seriously Wounded

Realizing that his left flank in flailing, General Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough rides over to Louis of Baden-Baden's command to determine the chances of a breakthrough in the center.

While leading from the front, he is struck and wounded so seriously that he is carries from the field.

Undeterred, the Prussian Anhalt Dessau storms the entrenchment, temporary pushing back the defenders who are reinforced by dismounted dragoons and the Militia from the town.

Anhalt Dessau are pushed back.

Massed Assault

Wave after Wave of Prussians, Swabians and Dutch pound away at the center and eventually drive back the valiant defenders.

What Marlborough has failed to do on the left, Baden accomplished on the right.

The Bavarians fall back in good order across the Danube.

The Results

A Phyric tactical victory for the allies. The Allies are so damaged, they are unable to pursue the enemy. The Bavarians fall back in good order across the river, but this is a major strategic failure for Marlborough. Seriously incapacitated by a near fatal wound, the alliance is in jeopardy.

With command of the Army passing to Price Eugene of Savoy, the allies fall back to regroup. Marsin and the Elector prepare to counter attack the allies while they are weak.

One more assault on the allies could break the alliance leaving the route open to Vienna and an end to the war on total French victory - but that is another game.