This movie should need no introduction to any wargamer interested in this period. The best colonial wargame movie of this historical arena. The Wind and the Lion is based on historical events, but is a work of fiction. It beautifully retains the full flavor of the era and is thoroughly recommended.

"I'll see you again Mrs. Pedecaris, when we're both like golden clouds on the wind"
The Plot
Morocco 1902
Eden Pedecaris and her two children have been kidnapped by the Berber Chieftain El Raisuli. He is angered that the Sultan is entertaining foreign governments and weakening to their manipulation. I an attempt to embarrass the Sultan, El Raisuli has kidnaped the American expatriate and taken her to his mountain stronghold in the Riff.

President Roosevelt, up for election, has demanded the return of Pedecaris with his election slogan "Pedecaris alive, or Raisuli dead". A detachment of US Marines has landed at Tangiers harbor and overthrown the local government of the Bashaw of Tangiers.

The Cast
Mulay El Raisuli, Berber Chieftain, Defender of the Faithful
Eden Pedecaris, American Expatriate, resident of Casablanca
Household Guards of the Bashaw of Tangiers, under command of Major Faust
Captain Jerome, 
Commander of the rescue force.
Major Faust, adviser to the Sultan of Morocco, commander of the German contingent
Meanwhile Pedecaris has escaped, been recaptured and over the weeks has fallen in love with the Raisuli. To save face with the Americans the Sultan has sent German troops to a small village south west of Rabat on the coast in an attempt to pay a large ransom for the American woman. He has however, hatched a plot to double cross the Berber and capture him at the exchange.

The Sheriff of Wazam has acted as a mediator for the exchange, Pedecaris is handed over and the Germans immediately capture the Raisuli. The Sheriff feigns disinterest in the fate of the Raisuli and demands a reward for delivering the brigand to their feet..

The real Mulai el Raisuni, photographed in the early 1920's, then in his early 50's, some twenty years after the setting of the movie

Pedecaris and her children are handed over to Captain Jerome and the Raisuli is thrown in the Jail. The Sheriff of Wazam returns to the Berbers hiding in the foothills.

In the morning, Pedecaris overpowers Jerome and demands that he help her release the Raisuli under the pretext that Roosevelt negotiated for her release in good faith and that by allowing his capture he will appear to be part of the double cross. The marines agree. They approach the jail ready to demand the release of the Raisuli.

On the outskirts, the Sheriff of Wazam is preparing his own rescue.

The final battle scene begins, and is one of the best battle scenes put on film.