The Battle of Abu El Shagbahd

Morocco 1912

Maintain Credibility
Destroy French Credibility

Mohammed Abdel Salimah Qabar El Zahira the Magnificent, Defender of the Faith.
Pepe le Ponse et le Legion Etranger
El Zahiras brother is rotting away at the Jail in Abu El Shagbahg.The infidels have stained our land long enough with their unwanted infestation. The Sultan is nothing but a puppet of their ungodly ways. More and more foreigners are degrading our peoples. A storm of change is blowing across the desert sands.

 The Fort is weak, the French are bringing supplies from Tangiers, their force is divided. Now is the time to strike! Jihad!

The French Fort "Fortresse les Miserable"  is on the edge of the Arab town of "Abu el Shagbahg". The Fort is manned by a Company of Legion Etranger with a support element of Tirailleurs plus a few other wogs used for cleaning the latrines and cooking duties, etc. Fortresse les Miserable is commanded by commandant "Pepe le Ponse" with his trusted Captain, "Capitaine Sable". The most notable man in the fort is of course the Sergeant Major, "Adjudant Wolfgang Vucks".
Also stationed at the fort is "The Red Shadow", the famed Algerian Scout, fiercely loyal to the French, highly respected by them for his scouting prowess, but alas, still just a wog. The Red Shadow has a troop of scouts under his command. The Red shadow is feared by most locals as he is unmatched in personal combat.
A French troop of Chasseurs D'Afrique is also stationed at the Fort. Attached to the Commandant, they are directly under his control.

There is a 75 mm filed piece at the fort, but it has no team to haul it (they were eaten some months ago) and not much ammunition, plus a machine gun section, which works fairly well.

American Workers headed by "Big Bob Wayne" are independent contractors working for the Ministere de l'Interieur. They are well drillers assigned to tap a better water supply for the French who are tired of drinking the black, sand filled muck that comes from the locals' well. Bob and his team are pretty independent and think little of the French. 

They have a steam drill which they have dragged around Morocco in a dilapidated Ford Model 'T' truck and a trailer. The truck works now about as often as it doesn't and Big Bob hopes to make enough from this job to get it fixed up in Casablanca.

Rupert Blithering-Smythe, a Times Reporter,has just arrived at Abu El Shagbahg in his new American Automobile and has requested an interview with Pepe le Ponse.
There is a sizable Police Station also in Abu el Shagbahg, commanded by the French Chief of Police, Gerrard D'Escargot. He has 8 French Military Police under his command. The police are nominally under independent command but le Ponse has the authority to bring them under his command. They have the Zahiras brother in the Jail awaiting execution.

Supplies have been prepared 180 miles away at Tangiers and two Platoons of the Legion and the Tirailleurs have been sent to collect them also accompanied by the Red Shadow. They are returning to the Fort with 8 camels and 4  mules piled high with various supplies including ammunition. They are escorted by caravan guards from Ghana, who own the animals and are to be paid upon arrival at the Fort. Also accompanying the caravan is Michele Eene, the French cartographer and his friend Ted Hofstedter, the American Adventurer.  They are going to Abu el Shagbahg to find guides to take them across the Sahara to Ghana.

The Caravan's return to the Fort has been uneventful and they are almost in sight of home.


Commandant Pepe Le Ponse
3e Platoon:  Lieutenant Dumas, Sgt Van Leer, 18 men
75mm Field Piece with 4 men. 6 rnds plus 1 damaged round.

Troop Chasseurs D'Afrique: Lieutenant Arrois, Sergeant Shirac, 9 men

The Caravan
Capitaine Sable
Adjudant Wolfgang Vucks

1e Platoon:  Lieutenant Margot, Sgt Priller, 18 men
2e Platoon:  Lieutenant Devaux, Sgt Bergman, 18 men
Hotchkis Machine Gun Section of four men

Platoon Tirailleurs: Lieutenant Benoit, Sgt Akmed, 19 men

The Red Shadow and 3 Scouts

Askaris: 6 Ghanaians 6 Camels, 4 Mules

Michele Eene: French Cartographer
Ted Hofstedter: American Adventurer

Abu El Shagbahg
French Police Station: Chef de la Police Gerrard D'Escargot, Sergeant Thomas, 7 Police
The Zahiras Brother, Kareem, is in the Jail awaiting execution.

Rupert Blithering-Smythe, a Times Reporter. Ford Model T

Big Bob and 5 workers: Bob Wayne Drilling Company.

The French have 100% Credibility on the Region.
Pepe Le Ponse gives his Interview +10%
Each Legion Platoon to Stand and Die +15%
The Zahira is Captured +30%
The Zahiras Killed +15%
Each European Civilian Captured Alive -10%
Each European Killed -5%
Well Site Destroyed  -5%
Kareem Zahira Rescued -25%
Each French Officer Killed. -5%
Dead French Officer left on Field -5%
Legion Sergeant Major Killed -5%
Each Supply not delivered to Fort -5%
Police Station Sacked -10%
Fort Sacked -75%
Red Shadow killed in Personal Combat -10%

If the French finish with 50%-99% it is a marginal victory for the French. At 100% or more it is a major victory. Less than 50% it is an Arab victory.
The Arabs

The El Zahira
2 units of 12 rifle armed horsemen
2 units of 12 spear armed camel riders
9 units of 20 Arab swordsmen
9 uinits of 20 rifle armed Arabs

The Arabs dont all arrive at once and must be divided into three separate waves.

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