The Adventures of 
the Red Shadow
South of the Sahara


French West Africa 1912

The Tukulor Empire has been defeated these past 12 years. The French Sudan is relatively quiet, and now that Morocco has been virtually pacified, the Shadow's attentions have turned south through the desert and into the Sahel region of the Sudan and the new colonial administration there.

The Red Shadow has just ridden with a patrol across the Sahara and entered Segu with a troop of Chasseurs d'Afrique whom the locals call "The Pretty Horsemen".

Having arrived in Segu on the river Niger, the old capital of the now defeated Tukulor Empire, the Shadow has heard rumors from the Bambara natives of the emergence of the Tukulor Ghosts.

The French have spread inexorably eastwards from their colony in Senegal and have linked the Senegal river to the Niger by rail. They control the region along the Niger, patrolling by steam launch and dominate the territory as far as Lake Chad.

There has been little trouble since the defeat of Ahmadu, Sultan of the Tukulor,at the turn of the century.

The French have grown complacent, patrols are infrequent. The French fort is north of the river overlooking the honey colored mud brick town of Segu on the south bank of the river.
Ahmadou Bamaara was a boy when Sultan Ahmadu was killed by the French. For 12 years he has dreamed of a revolt to rid the land of these unbelievers.

Having returned from his Hejira to Mecca, influenced by the Senussia Brotherhood,  he has inspired a loyal following of warriors - 130 self titled "Tukulor Ghosts". 

Their mission is to cause a severe enough blow to the French and inspire a call to arms for a new Jihad.

Ahmadou's scouts have learned much of the French fort at Segu.

The Mosque in Segu - 1907
The French chemin de fer runs past the fort close to the docks on the Niger. The railway is quickly replacing the steam boats as a method of running supplies throughout  french positions into the interior.
Eccentric French Captain Bigglau has brought his new concept to the Sahel.

The aeroplane has only been around for a few years but after successful uses in Morocco, Bigglau has had his Bleriot Monoplane transported by train to Segu and is impressing the colonial administration with his patrol reports of the region. His navigator and engineer, Sous Lieutenant Maurice de Perdu has taught the French military engineers to service the aeroplane. 

Bigglau has been so successful with his work that La Coloniale has given serious thought to formally introducing a squadron of these machines to cement their links across the Sahara and patrol for wandering Tuareg raiders who still interrupt the caravan supplies across the desert.

Ahmadou's spies have noted a pattern to the infernal machines use and have vowed to attack early in the morning, as it never flies at night, and destroy the unholy contraption.

There are only two combat units in Segu, a fact not unnoticed by Ahmadou and hence its selection for their first attack.

The fort is primarily occupied by Triailleurs Senegalese, a section of 20 of whom occupy the Fort. They do little morethan patrol the immediate area and work on the dock, but appear to be well armed and trained.

The other unit of concern to the Ghosts is that of the Colonial Marines.

They patrol regularly from Segu and usually take their obscene three legged gun with them. This machine of death has the firepower of an entire tribe, and it is imperative to time the attack during its absence.

The scouts have reported the night before that steam boat was prepared for departure.

The only threat of concern to Ahmadou is the cannon mounted on the Train, that is due to depart the next day, but Ahmadou has 

decided to risk the attack in its presence as destroying the French train would be a great prize for the Jihad.

The only other concern to Ahmadou is the pretty horsemen who arrived out of the desert a few days ago. Intelligence suggests that they will soon be leaving.

The spies were correct. The situation is as it should be.

The Great Red Warrior from the desert has left in the morning with the pretty horsemen.


His warriors have stole into the undergrowth during the night and remain undetected.

The Colonial Marines have left on their steam boat.

The only remaining prayer to be answered, is that the Black troops take their usual morning walk to the river to wash and then patrol the to the dock. If Allah wills it, they will fall right into the prepared ambush.

Let the battle begin, and may Allah be merciful.

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