Beau Sauveur
The Further Adventures of Major Henri de Beaujolais and the Red Shadow.

De Beaujolais is faced with his most important mission to date. This time it is not gloire française that is to be served but the passions of his heart and the honor of his family name.

Madeleine Van den Burg, the beautiful American heiress, and stealer of de Beaujolais' heart is captive of the vile Emir Muwlai Ali ben Mustafa Safana el Azag and de Beaujolais is to blame.

Only eight weeks before, de Beaujolais had been dining with Madeleine and her Uncle, the governor of Agazid in the Soudan. Madeleine had been seeking adventure and was enjoying the strange new world she was experiencing at her French uncle’s expense and was soon set to travel to Senegal for her return home.

The General had summoned de Beaujolais, as part of his attachment to the Secret Service. He was to prepare for a mission to cross the Soudan east through Niger into Chad, Borkou territory. There was news of a prominent Muslim warlord, Krazam al Khuti, who had been approached by a Turkish emissary to rise up and lead his people in a Jihad against the Roumi.
On the eve of his departure, dressed as a Bedouin with his camels laden and ready, the several days of unrest that had been brewing in Agazid erupted in a mass riot, with tribes from the neighboring regions descending on Agazid. Fearing for his niece's well being, the Governor begs de Beaujolais to take her to safety. 

As the garrison Tirailleur Company is massacred to the last, de Beaujolais steels out of Agazid with Madeleine.

After two weeks of eastward travel, and a few tussles with wandering Tuaregs, de Beaujolais fears that he is taking Madeleine out of the frying pan into the fire. 

When he meets a caravan traveling north to Algeria in the company of two Europeans from the Geographical Society, he implores them to take Madeleine north through Algeria to the nearest French post, Fort Péter, which they will be passing. 

The Tirailleur Company fights to the last man in defence of Agazid as de Beaujolais escapes into the desert on his perilous mission.
He gives her instructions to ask for protection from his good friend the Red Shadow whom he will seek out when his mission is complete.
De Beaujolais, diguised as a Bedouine delivers Lady Madeleine to the safety of a caravan headingt north to Algeria
As he travels along without her, de Beaujolais gradually realizes that he has become besotted with her and the heavy burden of her absence hangs from his heart. His mission to court Krazam al Khuti goes well. De Beaujolais discovers that their intelligence was faulty and that Krazam has received no Turkish emissaries and is willing to accept the French expansion into his region and develop trade with them.

De Beaujolais immediately sets out for Fort Péter and after a grueling 3-week trek he arrives there exhausted. He finds his friend The Red Shadow from whom he learns with horror the fate that has befallen Madeleine.

One month ago, a few survivors of a caravan arrived at the fort. They told a story of being attacked for 4 days by an unknown tribe, who looked like Tuaregs but some of whom wore a strange European style uniform. They fought them off for a while south 

of the Ahaggar Mountains but eventually they were overrun. The European cartographers were murdered and mutilated and a white woman that was traveling with them was carried off into the mountains.
The Red shadow has traveled to the region and spied with his four most trusted Goums. They found that Madeleine is reported to be the latest prize in the harem of Emir Muwlai Ali ben Mustafa Safana el Azag. 

His palace is a walled mountain fortress, itself within the walls of a great Ksar, surrounded by a hidden oasis of 500,000 trees. Men whose appearance is that of Tuaregs but who wear red uniforms and drill like Europeans guard the fortress. 

The Red Shadow has gone in disguise amongst the Ksar and learned of the Roumi woman whom the Emir has in a great cage in the Palace.

The Palace Fortesse of Emir Muwlai Ali ben Mustafa Safana el Azag
Lady Madelein is taken into captivity by the guards of the Emir
De Beaujolais tells the Shadow of his last mission into Chad and wonders if this was the tribe that was the subject of Turkish emissaries. 

A rescue mission is put into plan. 

Fortunately for de 

Beaujolais, the Fort is commanded by his friend Captain Pepe Le Ponse of the Legion Etrangere, a hopeless romantic and academy friend of De Beaujolais with whom he served in the Hussars. 
The rescue mission, under the joint command of de Beaujolais and
Le Ponse sets forth on its missin sauveur.
Le Ponse has troops to spare at the fort and agrees to assemble a rescue mission.

The force comprises a full company of three platoons of Legion Etrangere. An artillery support section of one rapid fire gun. A machine gun section. 

There is even a section of Leger Sappers that have just delivered a large quantity of explosives that Le Pose thinks will make a useful adition. He adds a platoon of tirailleurs and leaves the remaider of his Tirailleurs to garrison the Fort.

De Beaujolais is given personal 

The helpless Lady Madeleien awaits a miracle.
command of a troop of Chausseurs, all that remain at the fort. Several of these men have served with de Beaujolais before and are in great spirits to be with him again.

Two troops of the Red Shadow's Goumiers complete the task force.

De Beaujolais has vowed to return with Madeleine or not return at all.