For those who don't know me better, any racist undertones of these pages are not my own feelings but black humor illustration of  the general disdain European Peoples had (and still have) for the Non White victims of their colonial expansion on all five continents during this period.

"There is nothing so righteous as slaughtering a horde of heathen savages" Teddy Roosevelt. President USA 1902

Tunisia 1913: Major Etienne Dufus has been summoned to Ben Geroot on the Tunisian / Libyan border at the bequest of Minister Truffle. Dufus has arrived in Tunis by steamer with his adjutant Otto Trinkmeister, one of his best Legion sections and trusted scout The Red Shadow with four of the Shadows' Goumiers. He has been briefed by Truffle and it seems that an interesting situation has developed.

A notable leader of the Mojahidine Guerilla forces in Libya, Omar El Muhki, has been captured while hiding over the border from Libya at Ben Geroot. Italy has demanded his return and the French Government has acceded to their request on the condition it is done quietly near the border. Italy is to pay a sum of 67,000 francs for his return and Minister Truffles' aide Saul Derriere is to attend the hand over. 

Dufus' team have made their way to Ben Geroot, and the Shadow has been sent to El Salami to make arrangements for the exchange in the morning.

Saul Derriere has been escorted from Tunis by a squad of French Sailors who have sent as his personal guard and to escort the ransom back to Tunis.

The Italian Minister of Foreign affairs has determined that this is a good opportunity to develop some propaganda opportunities and has sent a film crew to document the exchange.

Italian troops winning the Hearts and Minds of the Arabs
Return El Muhki and collect the bounty
Secure El Muhki and return him to El Salami
Wreak havoc, release El Muhki. get the bounty, Kill everyone
Ben Geroot
On the Tunisian side of the border. Home to a small detachment of inferior penal French garrison troops from the Bat' D'Afrique.

Also garrisoned here is a platoon of Tunisian Regulars, well trained by the French but captained by Mustafa Biere who is of Turkish descent and not 

fond of the Italians' invasion of Ottoman Libya.
French Sailors
Under the command of Lieutenants Dreyfus and Tomas are accompanying Saul Derriere. Tasked with supervising the hand over and acting as guard for the gold being received in return from the exchange of the prisoner. They are regular French troops, well trained.

Etienne Dufus with his  platoon of elite 

Legionnaires, along with The Shadow and his scouting Goumiers are the backbone of the force. Sent to oversee the military aspects of the mission, Dufus is in overall command, with the support, of course of, Legion Adjutant Otto Trinkmeister.

The Tunisians have been in captive possession of Omar El Muhki and Dufus is to supervise his hand over under the political direction of Saul Derriere

El Salami
Under Italian occupation, the border town of El salami is well defended and garrisoned by a well trained unit of Italian Askari's raised from local militias. An expeditionary force of elite Bersaglieri troops have been hunting for El Muhki and have conducting "interrogations" of the locals in an attempt to locate him.
Now that the French have announced his capture and willingness to return him for questioning, the Italians are departing to conduct the exchange.
The overall commander of the Italian Force is Toni Rigollini. His command comprises the Bersaglieri Expeditionary force under Marcus Bagliarni, an MG armed automobile and the Italian Askaris. 

The Italian Foreign Minster has sent a camera crew from Tripoli who are to film the prisoner return for propaganda purposes.

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