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April 13 2002

Well, it's been a while since I updated the site. The server was moved in the last few weeks and in the process the FORUM was deleted. It's back up and running now. Please log in by clicking on the link marked FORUM to the left

In the last few weeks we've had a lot of incredible flag images uploaded by members of the Yahoo Groups forum. This wonderful medieval Belgian flag (shown above) is from Alex Pil and there are many other great flags uploaded in the files section. I will attempt to get them all moved onto the Warflag site proper in the next few weeks.

This Niederwlad banner from Medieval Switzerland was found at the battle of Sempach in 1386 and is from Chris Reynier. It also can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Group.

Since posting the info on 1.300th decals, I have abandoned the idea. I have found a supplier of decals in this scale and decided it is not necessary to duplicate these.


This is an absolutely splendid deal to be had. These flag and uniform details are available form Dan Schorr's Website. Just go to the link hi-lighted here and select "Book Store". These difficult to obtain plates are are available as PDF files on CD Rom at prices much lower than the original prints would have cost. Dan also has dozens of flags available for the Great Northern Wars. I am frequently sent emails asking if I will do these flags, but I have always refused as they are available from here. Be sure and check out Dan's entire site while visiting there.


I just wanted to add this paragraph, because I have occasional seen references on news groups to "the guys at Warflag" and I also receive a lot email asking for particular flags. I am just one guy. I have very limited time to work on this site, which is essentially a hobby. We (and that would be the royal "We"), we get many requests for flags which unfortunately we don't have time to fulfill. I wish we did, but we don't. 

When I am not busy working as an Insurance Fraud Investigator, I am busy wargaming. From time to time, more flags get added and as the years and months go by, the site does get bigger. 

Napflags is a sub site run by the equally busy and far more talented Alan Pendlebury.

With the submission of the wonderful artwork of the viewers, Warflag is growing. Thanks for the support.


The counter was only ever listed as an indication to me as to how much traffic I was receiving to ensure I didn't exceed my band width allowance. This new server I have allows much more bandwidth and I have instant access to my numbers. Also, some sites use their counters as bragging rites to attract advertising, while some list "hits" as "visits" to boast their traffic. For those who are interested, here are the statistics reproduced to the right of this news panel.

December 29th 2001

I've been working on doing some 1/300th scale aircraft decals.
Initially there will not be much here because I am waiting to find out how they turn out from the printers. I have found a supplier who prints these at a very affordable price. Although water slide decal paper can be purchased for a color inklet printer, the printer wont print white. However, there are resin ink printers that will print opaque white - and this is what I am trying out. The hard part is the artwork. If this works out and if my test sheets look OK, I'll start a few images for 1/300th scale and perhaps 1/144th scale

December 8th 2001

The link re-build continues. The American War of independence pages have now been restored. I expect to have the SYW pages up and connected by tomorrow night.

Thanks for your patience.

December 7th 2001

So far, the new server seems to be running well. 

I've added a forum page to the site. Warflag used to have a message board which was quite popular judging by the number of emails I received  when it was removed. It disappeared due to the third party provider going out of business. Now, forum software is more advanced and easier to run. So - if you have question, or wish to share the fruits of your knowledge, please go the FORVM link at the lower left of the page

December 6th 2001

Well, my apologies again. No sooner were we up with the new site than I had to take it down again. It seems that with all the flag images, and the popularity of the site,  we just didn't have enough bandwidth to handle all the requests to view the pages. So I've moved to the best service I could find in short notice and purchased the greatest bandwidth package I could find.

With this done, I'll go back to re-building all the links. The purpose of the link build out is to separate the flag plates into individual pages, so that you only get the page you want to see. That way, flag plates are not being displayed unless you specifically request that plate. This should help keep the bandwidth usage manageable.

December 4th 2001

All of the links for the War of the Spanish Succession have been re built. There are several hundred flags in this section. You will see quite a number of examples of these flags on this page and on the links page. This is one of my favorite periods for flags. This sample is a texture flag of the Queen Dowager's Regiment. Don't overlook that this section can provide flags for many regiments from the War of the League of Augsberg all the way through the Lace Ward period of the 18th Century.

December 3rd 2001

Warflag is back online - well, mostly. I've rebuilt many of the flag links, although some are a little crude for the time being. The more complicated directories will take a little longer to put right - but I should have it done by the end of the week. My email is up and running, so drop me a note if there is a flag you're desperate for, and i'll try and shove it to the front of the queue.
December 1st  2001.

Warflag's server in New York stopped responding. I had to subscribe to a new server. I takes a few hours for the domain name registry to switch over to the new sever, so by the time you read this, warflag will have been down for a 72 hours or more.

Drop me an email if you find any broken links.

Alan Pendlebury's Napoleonic Wars flag site NAPFLAGS is now hosted at warflag. Alan has drawn many high resolution flags 

specifically for this conflict. These are among the best flags available for wargaming, and the site is a pleasure to browse.

Are you an Oregon Wargamer? or perhaps intending to visit Oregon in the future? Our wargame club meets on the 4th Saturday of each month in Eugene Oregon at the Eugene Water and Electric Board. We are consequently known as EWEB. The logo at the top left will take you to our news page. Drop Gary an email and arrange to come and play a game.

Recent Uploads. Completed some Swabian flags from the War of the Spanish Succession. Also, check out Tim Peterson's Swabian flags for the Seven Years War. These are some pretty nice looking flag designs. I started painting this army just because I wanted the flags on the table. The Prussian flags for the War of the Spanish Succession have also recently been expanded.

I've received some flags from Pat Condray also for Prussia which I shall upload in the near future.

As my Franco Prussian army gets bigger, so does the flag data base for this conflict. Most of these flags can be used for the varying wars of the middle 19th century. The site now contains virtually all the variants of the Prussian flags, as well as those of Bavaria,  Hesse Darmstadt, Wurtemberg,  Baden, Saxony, Austria, Denmark and Holstein. All of the French 1st Corps of the Army of the Rhine and Divisional pennants and flags have been added.


Prior update and news information is posted on this page.

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