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austria The Empire of Austria berg The Grand Duchy of
Kleve Berg
baden The Grand Duchy of Baden naples The Kingdom of Naples
bavaria The Kingdom of Bavaria holland Netherlands
Batavian Republic,
Kingdom of Holland,
United Provinces
brunswick The Duchy of Brunswick building Poland
The Duchy of Warsaw
denmark The Kingdom of Denmark Portugal The Kingdom of Portugal
france The Empire of France prussia The Kingdom of Prussia
germany Germany
The smaller states and principalities
Russia The Empire of Russia
britain The Kingdom of
Great Britain
saxony The Kingdom of Saxony
building The Electorate of Hannover building The Kingdom of Spain
hesse kassel The Landgraviate of
Hesse Kassel
building The Kingdom of Sweden
hesse The Grand Duchy of
Hesse Darmstat
USA The United States of America
italy The Kingdom of Italy westfalia The Kingdom of Westfalia
wurttemburg The Kingdom of Wurttemburg

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