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U.S. Infantry - War of 1812

During the war of 1812 the American Infantry carried two flags per battalion: a National Flag and a Regimental Flag. Regulations for the design of these flags had been laid down in 1808, however the actual designs carried varied in detail from battalion to battalion and according to manufacturer. With the exception of the National Flag of the 1st regiment, the designs shown here are as close to a 'standard' pattern as I have been able to determine. I will add to and update these pages as my research continues. The National standard was officially 7 1/2 feet (approx 229 cm) in the fly by 6 feet ( approx 183 cm) on the hoist. The staff measured 10 feet ( approx 305 cm) and was painted an 'iron' colour. The Regimental standard measured 6 feet ( approx 183 cm) on the fly by 5 feet ( approx 153 cm) on the hoist. Regimental flag staffs measured 9 feet (approx 275 cm) and were also painted an 'iron' colour. My thanks go to Phil Boinske and Eric Jones in tha USA who have both provided me with information on these flags - I hope ya like em fella's.

Top: National Flag 1st Regiment 1808 -1812
2nd Row: Common(ish) National Flag Design
3rd Row: Line Regiment Regimental flag
Bottom: Rifle Regiment Regimental Flag

USA infantry 1812

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