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The Kingdom of Portugal

On 19 May 1806, a royal decree was issued which ordered among other things, the re-organization of the Portuguese army, new styles of uniforms, and new designs for unit flags. Each infantry regiment was issued with two flags, the King's colour in the national colours of red and blue carried by the first battalion and the regimental colour, in the colour of the division to which the regiment belonged, carried by the second battalion. Each cavalry regiment was issued with four standards, one per squadron, the 1st squadron a white standard, the 2nd red, the 3rd yellow and the 4th blue. The infantry regimental flags had cravats in the regimental colours attached immediately below the flag staff heads - see table below. The cavalry regiments cravats were 1st-3rd regiments white, 4th-6th scarlet, 7th-9th yellow and 10th-12th light blue. The infantry King's colours measured 180 cm square, I have no details of the size of the regimental colours and have conjectured 180 X 120 cm based on examining photographs of reproduction flags at the Museu Militar in Busašo. I have estimated the cavalry flags at approx 100 cm square. A decree of 14 October 1808 created six battalions of cacadores, or light infantry. A further six battalions were raised in later years. These battalions did not carry flags, but the 7th and 11th battalions so distinguished themselves at the battle of Vitoria in June 1813, that as a special honour these two battalions were granted King's colours. It is very unlikely that regimental flags were issued to these battalions, or that the flags were ever carried in the field. The 9th, 11th, 21st and 23rd line regiments also distinguished themselves at Vitoria and were granted a special inscription that was added around the central white field bearing the royal arms on the King's colours. The 19th infantry regiments King's colour bore an additional pre 1806 honour in the form of a white scroll with the word "Exemplo" embroidered on it.


Infantry King's Colours, Top to Bottom:

Post 1806 issue for line infantry regiments.
Pattern for 19th infantry regiment.
Pattern for 9th, 11th, 21st and 23rd regiments post 1813.
Pattern for 7th and 11th cacadores battalions post 1813.
Pattern attributed to 21st regiment - possibly pre 1806 issue.

Portugal 1

Infantry Regimental Colours, Top to Bottom:

Infantry regiments of the Northern division.
Infantry regiments of the Center Division.
Infantry regiments of the Southern Division.

Portugal 2

Table of Infantry Regiments
Number Name Field Cravat
1 Regt. de Lippe white dark blue & white
2 Regt. de Lagos scarlet dark blue & white
3 Regt. 1 de Olivenca yellow dark blue & white
4 Regt. de Freire de Andrade white dark blue & scarlet
5 Regt. 1 de Elvas scarlet dark blue & scarlet
6 Regt. 1 de Porto yellow dark blue & scarlet
7 Regt. de Setubal white dark blue & yellow
8 Regt. de castello de Vide scarlet dark blue & yellow
9 Regt. de Viano yellow dark blue & yellow
10 Regt. de Lisboa scarlet dark blue & light blue
11 Regt. de Penamacor scarlet dark blue & light blue
12 Regt. de Chaves yellow dark blue & light blue
13 Regt. de Peniche white white
14 Regt. de Tavira scarlet white
15 Regt. 2 de Olivenca yellow white
16 Regt. de Vieira teles scarlet white
17 Regt. 2 de Elvas scarlet scarlet
18 Regt. 2 de Porto yellow scarlet
19 Regt. de Cascais white yellow
20 Regt. de Campo Maior scarlet yellow
21 Regt. de Valenca yellow yellow
22 Regt. de Serpa white light blue
23 Regt. de Almeida scarlet light blue
24 Regt. de Braganca yellow light blue

Cavalry Standards, Top to Bottom:

1st and 2nd squadrons.
3rd and 4th squadrons.

Portugal 3

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