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The Kingdom of Naples

Naples Infantry 1806-1815

Naples Flag Bearer
5th Line Regt c.1811
The size and compositon of the Neopolitan army changed drastically throughout the period 1806-1815. In 1806 there were a guards battalion, two line regiments and two light regiments all organised as for the French model. By 1815 there were three guards regiments, twelve line regiments and four light regiments. It would appear that only the battalions of the 1st through 4th line and the 1st and 2nd light regiments recieved the 1806 pattern standards. One of these flags was issued to each battalion, they measured 80 x 80 cm and were carried on black staves fitted with a brass ferrule and a plain iron spear-head shaped finial. I have also included a conjectural design for the Guard Grenadier unit standard as I have found no accurate information concerning such a flag but I feel that one must have existed.
In 1810-11 and thereafter new pattern standards were issued to all units, one per battalion. There were two basic patterns of standard, line and guard, all measuring 85 x 78 cm. The exceptions to this norm were the 6th line regiment standard which had a crimson field and the 5th line regiment standard ( captured by the Russians at Danzig ) which measured 150 x 130 cm. The 1811 pattern was carried on a stave painted with white and amaranth spirals and most regiments had a light blue cravat, with gold fringes and sometimes a diced border as on the flags, tied below the finial. The 5th Line had two cravats, green and violet: the 6th Line also had two cravats of white with gold fringes. Cords of gold were now used and the plain finial had been replaced by the prancing horse of Naples on the capital of a Corinthian column all in gilt.

1806 Pattern from top to bottom:

1st through 4th Line Regiments ( and Light )
Conjectural Guards Pattern.

Naples 1806

1811 Pattern from top to bottom:

Line/Light Infantry Pattern.
6th Line Infantry Regiment.
Guard Infantry Pattern.

Naples 1811

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