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The Kingdom of Italy

In the year 1805 the former Republic of Italy was declared a kingdom with Napoleon as the self crowned King. There were five line infantry regiments and three light infantry regiments in existance in 1805 and by the end of that year a sixth line infantry regiment had been raised and in 1808 a seventh line infantry regiment was added. A fourth light infantry regiment was raised in 1811. In 1805 the line cavalry consisted of two regiments of dragoons and a regiment of cacciatori a cavallo ( light horse ). In 1808 a second regiment of light horse was raised and in 1810 a third and 1811 a fourth. In 1805 the Royal Guard consisted of two battalions of guard infantry the Granatieri and the Cacciatori - Carabinieri from 1810. A two battalion unit of 'middle guard' status was raised in 1806 and titled Velites, 1st battalion Granatieri, 2nd Cacciatori. In 1810 a two battalion 'young guard' regiment of guard conscripts was raised which was increased to four battalions in 1811. The Royal Guard cavalry consisted of two squadrons of dragoons and five companies of Guards of Honour. It appears that flags and standards were issued to all of these units at a rate of one per battalion or squadron. The Royal Guard infantry recieved their flags in 1806, but owing to Napoleon being displeased with some aspect of the proposed flags, issue to the line regiments did not take place until 1809. The flags and standards were carried below an eagle very similar in design to that of the French army. The flags for the light infantry were identical to those of the line infantry with the exception of the substitution of the word 'leggera' for 'di linea'. The Guard Velites did not carry flags. Infantry flags measured 80cm sq and cavalry standards 60cm sq, there is some evidence that the dragoon regiments carried a single infantry style flag in addition to the normal squadron standards as befits their dismounted role. In 1813 after the disaster in Russia new pattern flags and standards were issued to the reconstituted Italian army.

Infantry Flags from Top to Bottom

Garde Granatieri, Left: 1806, Right: 1813.
Garde Cacciatori, Left: 1806, Right: 1813.
(Next 7 rows) Line & Light Infantry Left: 1806, Right: 1813.

Italy 1805 - 1813 Infantry

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