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The Landgraviate of

Hesse Kassel Infantry 1813 - 1815


In November 1813 the 'war of liberation' allowed William I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel to return to his capital where he set about raising a new army for service with the Allies. The Infantry consisted of a Leib Grenadier Garde battalion, a Guard Grenadier regiment, 4 Line Infantry regiments, 3 Landwehr regiments and a Jager battalion.
Each of the infantry regiments contained two battalions. New standards were issued to all regiments in Kassel on 1st March 1814. Each line regiment had (at least) two colours, a white Liebfahne and one or more crimson Regimentsfahnen. The landwehr battalions also carried standards but of a different design to those of the regular troops.

1813 Pattern from top to bottom:

Regulars Regimentsfahne
Regulars Leibfahne
Landwehr Pattern

Hesse Kassel 1813

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