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The Grand Duchy of
Hesse Darmstat

Hesse Darmstat Infantry 1806-1814


The infantry of Hesse Darmstat was organised into three 'brigades' which were the equivalent of regiments in other armies. These brigades consisted of two musketeer and one fusilier (light) battalion. Each of the two musketeer battalions within the brigade was issued with two standards measuring 130cm x 130cm. All of the infantry flags were of a similar design. All flags of the Lieb-Garde brigade had a white field with no crosses. The first flag of the first battalions in both the Leib and Erbprinz brigades had a white field with the corners only divided black and the regimental colour. The other three flags in each case had the complete field in black and the corners in the regimental colour.

1806-1814 Pattern, from top to bottom:

1st Musketeer Battalion Lieb-Garde Brigade
2nd Musketeer Battalion Lieb-Garde Brigade
1st Musketeer Battalion Erbprinz Brigade
2nd Musketeer Battalion Erbprinz Brigade
1st Musketeer Battalion Lieb Brigade
2nd Musketeer Battalion Lieb Brigade

Hesse Infantry Flags 1806

Hesse Darmstat Infantry 1814-1815

In 1814 new pattern flags were presented to the reconstituted army. These now measured 112cm x 109cm and were similar to those carried previously. There were now five regiments of line infantry each of two battalions, each of the battalions was issued with a new pattern standard.

1814-1815 Pattern, from top to bottom:

1st &2nd Battalions Leib-Garde Regiment
1st & 2nd Battalions Garde-Fus Regiment
1st & 2nd Battalions Leib Regiment
1st & 2nd Battalions Gross und Erbprinz Regiment
1st & 2nd Battalions Prinz Emil Regiment

Hesse Infantry Flags 1814

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