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The Duchy of Brunswick

Brunswick Infantry 1815


I have been unable to discover what flags, if any, where carried by the Brunswick troops prior to 1814. During the Waterloo campaign in 1815, the three Light battalions, the Leib battalion, the Avantgarde battalion and the cavalry units were not issued with standards. The three Line battalions carried two flags each, The Herzogfahne (Duke's flag) and the Bataillonfahne (Regimental flag), the patterns for these varied from battalion to battalion. All the flags were carried on a three metre long staff topped by a gilt spear-shaped finial bearing the ducal monogram. Mixed yellow and silver cords and tassels were attached immediately below the finial. Dimensions for the flags of the 1st and 2nd battalions were 140cm square, whilst those of the 3rd battalion were 144cm X 150cm for the Bataillonfahne and 142cm square for the Herzogfahne. I have drawn all the flags at a scale 150cm square so those requiring strict accuracy should adjust for this when resizing.
Below: Top to Bottom, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Battalions
Herzogfahne on left, Bataillonfahne on right

Brunswick Infantry Flags
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