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The United Kingdom of Great Britain

Ensign 14th Foot

British Infantry Regiments of the Waterloo Campaign 1815.

British Infantry battalions each carried two colours, the Kings colour and the Regimental colour.
These standards measured 6ft 6in by 6ft 0 in or approx 198 x 183 cm.

Left: Regimental Colour Bearer 3rd Batt. 14th Foot Regt 1815

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1st Brigade
1/1st & 3/1st Foot Guards
2nd Brigade
2/2nd & 2/3rd Foot Guards
3rd Brigade
1/52nd (Oxfordshire) Light Infantry
4th Brigade
3/14th (Buckingshire) Foot
1/23rd Foot or Royal Welsh Fusiliers
5th Brigade 2/30th (Cambridgeshire) Foot
33rd (1st West Riding) Foot
2/69th (South Lincoln) Foot
2/73rd (Highland) Foot
6th Brigade 2/35th (Sussex) Foot
1/54th (West Norfolk) Foot
59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Foot
1/91st Foot
8th Brigade 1/28th (North Gloucester) Foot
1/32nd (Cornwall) Foot
1/79th (Cameron Highlanders) Foot
9th Brigade 3/1st (Royal Scots) Foot
1/42nd (Royal Highland) Foot
2/44th (East Essex) Foot
1/92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Foot
10th Brigade 1/4th (Kings Own) Foot
1/27th (Inniskilling) Foot
1/40th (Somerset) Foot
2/81st Foot
KGL Infantry 1st-5th & 8th Line Battalions

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