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The Kingdom of Bavaria

Bavarian Infantry 1786 - 1815

The flags carried by the Bavarian regiments underwent many changes during the Napoleonic Wars. At any one time the flags carried by the army included examples issued in the previous century, more recent issues which had been altered as the status of Bavaria changed, or completely new issues. Details of which regiment carried which particular pattern and at what time are unknown. However it is certain that as late as 1812 the regiments carried flags of all the patterns and variants presented here.
At the turn of the 18th century Bavarian infantry regiments carried one Leibfahne and one Ordinarfahne, the Leibfahne was carried by the 1st Battalion. In October 1801 this was changed to two Leib- and two Ordinarfahnen. In December 1803 the scale of issue was changed to one Leib- and three Ordinarfahnen, and in March 1804 to one Leib- and one Ordinarfahne, carried by the 1st and 2nd field battalions respectively. Two flags per regiment remained the norm for the remainder of the Napoleonic period.
All flags issued before 1813 were carried on staves with a light blue velvet covering, the flags issued in 1813 had staves covered in black leather. All staves were topped by a gilt spear-shaped finial which was either pierced or engraved with the cypher of the elector or king. The ferrules were also gilt. Gold fringed blue and white cravats 1.06 metres long by 18cm wide were tied beneath the finials. These cravats were usually plain, however some richly embroidered examples were presented by colonels and senior officers to some regiments.


The Flags from top to bottom:
First Row: 1786 Patterns. Note - the coat of arms is based on an incomplete written description and so represents my best guess!
If anyone out there knows better.....
Second Row: Patterns issued sometime between 1800 and 1803.
Third Row: 1803 Patterns - The plain Ordinarfahne was also issued to some regiments in 1813.
Fourth Row: 1806 Patterns.
Fifth Row: 1808 Patterns.

Ordinarfahnen on left, Leibfahnen on right.


Variations on a Theme

The flags issued during the period 1800 to 1806 usually had a triple row of lozengy for the border as shown above. However the border of some flags was increased to four rows whilst on some others it was reduced to two rows. The plain pattern flag issued in 1803 and re-issued in 1813 could have either vertical rows of lozengy as shown above or horizontal rows as below. I have included these variants here so that the user can cut and paste to produce which ever variation they require - let the wargamer decide.


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