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The Grand Duchy of Baden

Baden Army 1806-1815

Baden joined the Confederation of the Rhine in 1806 and immediately began to re-organise its army on the French pattern. By 1809 the army consisted of the Gardes du Corps squadron, a regiment of light dragoons, one of hussars, a corps of artillery with one horse and two foot companies. A Lieb Garde grenadier battalion, a jager battalion and four regiments of line infantry, the first of these being the Leib regiment. In 1808 the 4th regiment was re-organised for service in Spain and the 1st battalion of that regiment was exchanged for the 2nd battalion of the 3rd regiment. It is most likely that the new 3rd and 4th regiments retained the flags of the old regiments of the same number. The infantry Regiments consisted of two battalions, each of which was issued with a flag, the 1st battalion carried the Leibfahne, the 2nd the Regimentersfahne. The Liebfahnen were withdrawn in 1808, except possibly from the 2nd regiment. The flags were carried on plain wooden staves with brass finials. I have been unable to ascertain the dimensions of these flags and standards and so have used 130 x 130 cm for the infantry flags and roughly 100cm square for the cavalry standardswhich looks about right. Sources conflict as to the exact design of flag carried by the Leib or 1st infantry regiment so I have included both possibilities here - let the wargamer decide! The Gardes du Corps squadron had a vexillum standard mounted on a white horizontal bar and stave, the finial (in the form of a griffon) and chains were silver. The Hussar and Light Dragoon regiments each had a single standard which were carried on plain wooden staves with brass spear shaped finials.

The Infantry Flags from top to bottom:

1st or Leib regiment pattern one
1st or Lieb regiment pattern two
2nd regiment
3rd regiment
4th regiment
Liebfahne on left, Regimenterfahne on right

The Cavalry Standards from top to bottom:

The Garde du Corps vexillum
Note: The colouring used here is largely conjectural
The hussar regiment
The light dragoon regiment

Baden Infantry Flags

Baden Cavalry Flags

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