Schellenberg - the Game

played June 15th 2002

The Allied Left Wing

The allies form up in four lines on the left wing. The steep hill of Schellenberg is ahead of them, with the Boschberg to their left. The old walls are ahead of them. Marlborough, ahead at the front surveys the assault. The forlorn hope of the 1st Foot Guards, lead by Lord Mordaunt prepares to lead the advance.


A view over Donauworth towards the Schellenberg shows the Bavarian defenses stretching of towards the horizon. The Danube runs across the rear of the Bavarian defensive line.

The single regiment, Nettencourt is deployed outside of the defensive perimeter,

The Allied Right

Louis von Baden-Baden leads the Imperial contingent from the right. His mission is to assault the repaired defenses between Donauworth and the Schellenberg.

Just to the left can be seen the single regiment of Nettencourt advancing to slow them down.


The single French regiment outside of the defensive perimeter advances towards Berg Hill and takes up position behind a low rock wall, supported by 2 light field pieces. 

The Imperial regiments under Louis von Baden-Baden can be seen approaching up the hill

The game was played using Age of Reason rules with some house modifications bringing out the nuances of the War of the Spanish Succession. 

In the game, the allies were not subject to Army Withdrawal. The Bavarians were subject to Army Withdrawal. Each Bastion of the old walls, and the old Fort Augustus were worth 2 terrain points, and the Bavarian pontoon bridge was worth 4 points.

When testing to withdraw. the Bavarian would receive an addition "-1" die to their role for each allied officer killed and for each enemy unit reduced to 25% effective combat strength.

The old walls were given a "+3" defensive factor and the hasty walls were given a "+2" defensive factor. (It was generally agreed after the game, that for a more "historical" result, we should reduce these values by "1" to "+2" and "+1" respectively.