American War of Independence


Plate 2
Classic Style

1st Continental
2nd New Hampshire (Buff)
2nd Canadian
2nd New Hampshire (Blue)
Unknown Regiment
1st Maryland
3rd New York
National Flag
3rd New York (later version)
Cullpeppers Minutemen

The American National Flag appeared in two versions. THat adopted in 1775 contained the "Union" in the canton with seven red and 6 white horizontal stripes. In June 1777, the canton Union was replaced with a blue filed with 13 stars in various arrangements.

Regimental colors were arrange as one regimental color per battalion with 4 "grand Division" (actually 2 companies) colors.

In 1779 Von Steuben adopted a two color system of a National Flag and a regimental flag with a field color of crimson, white, blue or buff depending on the regiment's facing color. This was not universally adopted.

Militia had home made flags in a variety of patterns adopting many of the popular slogan's of the day.

Some of those shown here are speculative.