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There was no EVW game this month, so we played our game in Steve's Garage.
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Winter War
December 2001 Game
We didn't have a game at EWEB this month, so we set up a game in Steve's garage. Being a ;little chilly outside, we decided to play in character and made use of the seasonal scenery available at the craft stores this time of year.

The game was a straight fight between Napoleon's France (mostly his allies) and a polyglot allied army to oppose them.

With five players a side, each had approximately a brigade of troops. The set up can bee seen on the map below.

SETUP: The Allies in blue were a 1) Prussian Brigade, 2) Prussian Brigade, 3) British Brigade and 4) Two Austrian Landwehr Brigades and Cavalry. These were opposed by the French in red, 1) Danish Brigade, 2) An Italian and French Marine Brigade, 3) A French dismounted dragoon regiment and 4) a Polish Brigade.

The set up positions actually looked like this to the left. The French gambled on a week right wing held by only a dismounted regiment of Dragoons, and placed the main Polish Brigade as a 2nd line reserve behind the French center.

The hope was that by the time the enemy could advance onto the flank and threaten the French right, the French center would have been able to bludgeon its way through the center.

The French Left
The Danes on the French left began their advance to pin the Allied right wing.
They were met and pushed back with very heavy Austrian resistance on the Allied right, and several large cavalry battles took place. Although almost breaking at one point, the Danes held their ground and began pushing the Austrians back to their start positions.
The Center
The French Marines in the center, and the Italians to their left, began an immediate and aggressive assault against the Allied center.
The good quality British troops behind the wall were left well alone, and the French center concentrated on exposed poorer quality Prussians in the center.
As the Allied center began to buckle, the Allied left made good ground with forced marches, but they had a long way to go. As they advanced across the frozen river, some of the center battalions of French Marines opposed them from across the river. They Dragoons in the village held firm on the French right as the the village began to be surrounded by the Prussians.
Despite the French right becoming quite enveloped, it was not enough to stop the center. The French Marines and Italians were badly mauled. On the Allied right, the Austrians were stopped, and as the Allied center collapsed, it left a virtually intact Polish brigade to break through, sealing the fate of the Allies.
The game took about four hours to play and a chilling time was had by all.