$9 per Year per banner slot.

You can pay by Paypal to icroxall@comcast.net or by check.

Please e-mail for snail address. Please e-mail for instructions for paying in non US funds.


We accept advertising on Warflag. Do you want your business's services or products to be seen on a daily basis by almost 10,000 individual wargamers who visit Warflag almost 20,000 times per month?

This is a better exposure that can be received in most of the wargaming press.

Wargamers come to warflag because it has something they want, and its free.

TO ADVERTISE, please submit a banner by e-mail to icroxall@comcast.net This banner should be in GIF, JPG or BMP format and must be no more than 468 x 60 pixels.

You may submit up to 4 banners for each advertising slot you purchase. They will be weighted. For example, if you submit 4 banners, each will be displayed about 25% of the time each time your slot comes up for rotation.

The banners rotation software is paid for by allowing that 7.5% of the banner slots displayed are non-wargaming ads chosen by the advertising administrator.

Your banner is placed in a folder. As each page on Warflag is displayed, a banner is randomly retrieved from the folder and displayed at the top of each page. Every time the page is accessed a new banner is displayed. If a viewer likes your banner or sees a product he likes, clicking on it will lead him to a web address of your choice - probably your business's home page.

Well, I can tell you that I do my Wargame shopping, of about $200 per month exclusively from the web. If you don't have a web address, I don't buy from you, if you have a web address and I don't know it, I don't buy from you. I have talked to my wargaming buddies and I am not unique.

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All statistics are recorded by the Host's Webserver Software - and a screen shot of those statistics are always available on request for would-be and existing advertisers.


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